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Helping you book the vacation of your dreams!


Flight and Hotel Arrangements


Take the headache away of having to spend hours researching. We can do it in minutes for you.



Choosing a Cruise can be a task all in itself. My staff will help you find the right cruise experience that you desire.

Corporate Travel


 My experienced staff of travel specialists is trained to handle the needs of the sophisticated and demanding business traveler 

International Travel


Whether your traveling domestic or international. We make sure you get to travel seamlessly without any hiccups.

Leisure Travel


It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and go kick your feet up in Fiji, or dig your feet in the sand on Hawaii shores. Wherever it is, go enjoy yourself and let us make sure you do. 



If your favorite band is coming to your city, we have you covered. We will find the right seats for you or your party with the best rates possible.

Show Tickets


Want to watch a show in Las Vegas? We will make sure you get to experience your desired show for the best rates possible.

Sporting Events


Whether it is Boxing or UFC, we make sure you get the best seats for your budget. Ringside  or nosebleed seats, we will get the best seats for you.



Las Vegas to Miami Florida, we will get you into the night clubs without waiting long lines. Bottle table service available for the absolute best prices.



 If you or anyone you know would like to learn about earning money at home as a travel agent. We personally coach people how to book travel effectively at the convenience of their home.  


My Background

I am your "Super Travel Agent". This is what I love to do. All my life, I have always loved travel. I enjoy it so much I make sure my family travels the world with me. There is so much knowledge in travel. I enjoy the cultures, the food, and the experiences. I am in constant research for travel experience for myself and my clients. It's my greatest fulfillment in life to help others with travel, vacation packages. I am my own travel agency, and also teach others to be their own travel agency as well. It is my pleasure to be your travel agency in Henderson and Las Vegas Area.


My Services

When your excited and looking for a cruise, car rental, show tickets, amusement parks, plane tickets, sporting events, group travel, corporate travel, accommodations, or an all inclusive package, contact me. Simply tell me what you want to do and I will find you the absolute best deal and experience possible. I work directly with all major companies such as Disney, Carnival, Expedia, Royal Caribbean, Funjet, Southwest Vacations, Agent Universe and so MUCH MORE. I look forward in helping you with all of your travel needs.

Tell me where your interests lie and I will help you to create a memorable experience!

For over 3 years, we have sent our clients to the world’s most exciting, luxurious & exotic locales. Our highly skilled leisure travel planners work tirelessly to arrange the most enjoyable experiences. From Monte Carlo to the Hawaii Islands, from Cancun to Buenos Aires, from Sydney to New Zealand, our clients have reveled and relaxed in, and explored, the four corners of the globe with our expert planning.

Nikki Lees Travel Company leisure travel specialists will be happy to help you with a quick get-away for a holiday weekend or an extended custom-designed vacation.


My Guarantee

While working with me, you will be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions  about my services, travel tips, or a free quote, get in touch with me personally by text, call, or email! I hope you continue to book with me for many years to come with 100% satisfaction.

Meet the Team

Super Travel Agent Nikki Lee


Platinum Pioneer with Evolution Travel

Certified Travel Agent with Archer Travel Group

Experienced Traveler

Mother of 4 Children

Las Vegas Tourism Specialist

Fluent in Spanish



Owner of Evolutionnightclubs.com

Manager/ Team Builder / Motivational Speaker Charles Lee


Platinum Pioneer with Evolution Travel

Motivational Speaker

Mental Coach

Professional Team Builder

Professional  MMA Fighter

Speaks Korean


Professional Poker Player

Awesome Husband & Father

Ron Archer & David McCovy


David McCovy is the Founder of Evolution. I joined forces with David McCovy and became one of his "Elite 8" He brought me together with a team of Entrepreneurs . There are no words good enough to describe  these individuals.

My bond with Mr. McCovy is inseparable.

He is better than amazing.

Ron Archer is the owner of Archer Travel Group.  He has traveled the world and has the most travel experiences of anyone else I know. He is also the best story teller. He has the most prestigious group of agents I have ever worked with. He has been in business  for over a half a century with an impeccable reputation. I am very honored to be working with him.

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